Pioneer School -Westside Educational Complex

Pioneer School - Westside Educational Complex

Delano Union Elementary School District
1001 Hiett Avenue
Delano, CA 93215



This project consisted of preconstruction and construction services for a 75,000 sf, K-8 elementary school utilizing the lease-leaseback construction delivery method.  It included all on and off-site development of facilities for a new school on an undeveloped site. While being built on a hardship budget, the campus was able to focus on green technology which has added to the students’ learning experiences.

The City of Delano has a rich history of agricultural technology and industry.  This history led to the concept theme for Pioneer School.  The academic villages at Pioneer School lead students through their educational progression from Pre-K/8 to the neighboring Robert F. Kennedy High School.  Grade levels are strategically distributed and given their own historically referenced identity.  A strong emphasis was placed on creating outdoor learning environments that allow learning to happen everywhere.

The classrooms feature flexibility and ample exposure to natural daylight through clerestory windows.  The introduction of breakout spaces and technology labs create a flexible learning environment that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.  Each academic village provides a sense of identity through graphics, bold color and signage.  The villages also feature a large-scale quote wall that is inspirational and introduces students to local historical figures from the community.  For example, one wall features quotes from Cesar Chavez’s movement, which invokes a sense of pride within this rural community.