Construction Management 

Colombo's construction management approach is to be an active participant throughout the planning design and construction of your project. We believe there is added value when we perform as a team member alongside the architect and the owner from the initial stages of a project.

In 1990, Colombo Construction Company, Inc. successfully completed its first DSA Construction Management (CM) project in Kern County. Since then, Colombo Construction has successfully served as Construction Manager to many of the schools in Kern County.

As a Construction Manager, Colombo Construction functions primarily as the owner's advocate. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of planning, construction and project delivery Colombo provides recommendation to our owner's in construction matters to ensure projects are completed and delivered within budget, quality and time frame parameters. Colombo Construction believes the extent of our experience provides owners with the most viable resources to successfully achieve their goals.

Construction Management 

  • Construction Management Multiple Prime (CMMP)
  • Construction Management At Risk (CMAR) or
  • Construction Management Agency (CMA)

As an Agency Construction Manager (ACM), Colombo Construction's primary responsibility is to function as the owner's agent. With no vested financial interest in the project, the ACM acts on the owner's behalf to provide impartial advice concerning pre-design and design, budget and cost estimating, constructability review, value engineering and contract bidding. During construction the Agency Construction Manager provides the Owner with unbiased evaluation of changes, claims, schedule review and quality control on the project.

As the Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Colombo Construction may function as a consultant during preconstruction and as the equivalent of a General Contractor during the construction phase of the project. During this process, owner will rely on the CMAR to prepare bid packages and contract multiple subcontractors who will construct the project. The CMAR normally works to establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) from subcontractors, assists the project team with schedules, budgets and is responsible for the timely completion of the project. CMAR holds the risk of cost overruns associated with the contractual scope of work if the GMP is exceeded. The CMAR procurement offers an alternative process where the builder is retained through careful examination of best value.

For additional information on Construction Management or Construction Management at Risk, please contact our office at 661-316-0100.